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Perpetual Commotion Expansion Packs
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Perpetual Commotion

Expansion Packs

Black & White Edition

Silver & Gold Edition

Perpetual Commotion Expansion Packs

More players. More Chaos. More Fun!

It's only natural to want more of a good thing. When it comes to Perpetual Commotion, more is better. These expansion packs allow up to 10 players to jump into the fray.

Each expansion pack contains two decks of Perpetual Commotion cards. Because of the differences in decks between original Perpetual Commotion and the 2-player version, expansion packs are not for use with 2-Player Perpetual Commotion.


  • 2 Perpetual Commotion® card decks

Price: $9.99

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Game Instructions (PDF)

Game Score Sheet (PDF)