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About Us
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About Goldbrick Games

Goldbrick Games is a family-owned company that creates games for people who love to play them. For our cofounders, Goldbrick represents the perfect merger between our passion for great games and our talent for enterprise. Our games are crowd-pleasers that are easy to learn, and promise the kind of fast-action fun that will keep friends and family, young and old, coming back for more.

Our family tends to be a little competitive. Not mean-spirited, in-your-face, win-at-any-cost competitive. We're more the play-to-win-but-enjoy-the-game kind. You'd be surprised at our ability to turn the most silly and mundane of chores, like stacking wood or concocting a great shrimp cocktail sauce, into a competition. We aim to achieve our personal best rather than to thrash an opponent, but as we all know, those lines can get blurred every once in a while (and that's what makes things fun!).

We like action and speed, and that shows in our games. Perpetual Commotion®, our first release, is a prime example. It's a game we've been playing with family and friends for many years. We've refined it over time to make it ultra-fast and very exciting. It's proven itself time and time again as a game people like to play, and has won its fair share of awards along the way. Skōsh™, our latest release, is designed to encourage collaboration and spark conversation. It's the perfect ingredient to spice up any party.

We believe there's still a place for card games and board games in our electronic world. There's a lot of fun to be had when everyone's around the same table. We've got plenty of ideas to carry us into the future, and we'll work to pick the best ones then turn them into games people will love to play.